Track Meet for Odin

This was Odin’s first track meet. In his age group they only race the 4 x 100 relay. Odin was third in the relay. It was two day event for those that qualified for the second day. And we did. He ran his hardest. Odin was bumped up to the U13 age group for this meet. Since there was only two practices with this team there were a couple of communication errors. But even with the error on day one they qualified on day two. On day Two the error was the opposite of day one

First Odin did not hear his team mate call go for him to start running to get the baton so he was just standing still when he got it.

The next day the person in the second position could not get the baton to Odin fast enough to have it end in a successful run. He was quite fast though. Here is the video from day one.

Here is the video from day two.

And a bonus here is a pic of Lucy pouting.

Big pout!